Kids Workshops

When kids are hospitalized, it’s important that they can enjoy activities that help them to feel comfortable in the unfamiliar, constraining surroundings.  These might help distract them from not feeling well, or may give them a break from worries and concerns about their future. But mostly they offer a creative outlet, and just plain fun, too.

That’s what ART at HEART program is designed to do for the little patients of Toronto hospitals: to give kids a sense of normalcy while they are there, distract them from their health conditions and hospital environment by giving them a chance to use their vivid imagination, acquire new skills and grow their artistic talents.

Currently Art at Heart facilitates the delivery of weekly kids’ workshops to the patients of SickKids hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Our art program is held on site at a calming and inspiring Marnie’s Studio that gives patients a chance to take a break from their hospital room for a while – to color, paint, make arts projects, and let their creative self to run wild.

Patients are welcome to keep their works created during workshops. They can also donate them to the hospital for display at Marnie’s Studio. 

Many kids opted to give their works, leaving the hospital with a sense of pride because of letting other patients and the friends they’ve made to enjoya gift of art that came from their uniquely creative spirit.

As part of the program, we provide experienced art teachers and supplies for each workshop. The selected teachers have at least 3 years’ experience working with children in arts. They meet the immunization and surveillance requirements, and have statutory obligations to safeguard SickKids patients’ Personal Health Information.

Art at Heart ensures all the materials and equipment used during art classes and workshops to be in good and safe working order, and to fit for the particular purpose. All supplies are maintained and cleaned in accordance with the protocol of infection prevention and control at the hospital.


Acrylic on canvas

Using acrylic paints on canvas kids have a choice of 4 inspiring images they can use to recreate their own pieces of art. Use of acrylic paints, mixing colours, composition and perspective technics will be taught during the workshop

3D Canvas “Under the sea”

Using shells, rocks and other objects kids can create a beautiful piece of art on canvas!

Plasticine animals

In this creative class kids can learn how to sculpt with plasticine, use appropriate tools and build their favorite animal!

Meet the Master! Vincent Van Gogh

In this educating and informative class kids will learn about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh and recreate one of his famous artworks “Starry night”. We will use canvas and paint.

Watercolour flowers!

Learn how to work with watercolours and watercolour paper. We will create beautiful enlarged flowers while learning the techniques and tools.

Oil Pastels on Black Paper

Using oil pastels on black paper we will create beautiful images of animals. Objective of this workshop is to learn how to use oil pastels, mix colours and work on black background.

Monochromatic Landscapes

In this class kids will learn about monochrome technique .Using acrylic paints on cardboard, they will have a chance to create a unique and interesting pieces of art.

Plasticine Relief Art

Using plasticine and pointillism technique kids will create interesting images on cardboard.